Monday, November 02, 2015

Disney Magic No. 2

If you remember, I'm trying to catch up on our amaze-balls trip to Disneyland last Christmas. Yes, I did just say amaze-balls (twice), I don't know what came over me, but I just had to.

Anyways, time is getting away from me (lets get real, it's been like 10 months), but I refuse to let it go undocumented.




[no. 2]
Lunch with the Princesses

Day 1.
Ariel's grotto.
On the menu.....a little bit of magic with a side of dreams coming true!

Rae is pretty big into the whole princess thing. Like, totally captivated, heart-eyes, and dropped jaws at it all. So when we walked down the spiral staircase to find Ariel, arms outstretched, there was a weee bit of shock going on I think. She went right up to Ariel...and just stood there. Ariel gave her a big hug and asked her a few questions, and Rae just stood there looking at everyone like, "What do I even do right now?!" Apparently meeting a real life princess is a little overwhelming.....

Which brings us to my favorite part of the whole lunch....when Charlie met Ariel. She poses for pictures with each kids, gives them a good hug and sends them to their table. Charlie went up for his turn, and literally went limp. Like, L I M P. Like, dead fish, laying on the ground. I'm trying not to laugh-cry even as I type this. James went up to intervene, and the kid wouldn't budge. This moment alone was easily one of my top favorite of the whole trip.
After a good laugh, we were seated and began our insanely delicious meal. It was the perfect little break from the chaos to regroup, fill our bellies with deliciousness, and relax for a bit with the best company.
Throughout our lunch, different princesses would come dancing out into the dining hall, and then make their way around to each individual table. Rae was dressed up as Rapunzel, and also had a Rapunzel doll with it was only fitting that Rapunzel was the first princess to stop at our table. Rae's face, you guys....she got it. It was so fun to watch these sweet, kind, giggly princesses giving all their attention to my little 2-year old girl. I mean, for real it was magical.
After that we were greeted by Mulan, Tiana, and Bell. Bell was by far my favorite. She and Rae just connected and she was beyond sweet to her. Her dress was definitely the biggest and most exquisite. When she went up to Rae, Rae put her hands out and just stroked her dress with wide eyes and a dropped jaw. Bell pulled her on her lap and tickled her and hugged her for a good 5 minutes. It's a memory we will always treasure!!
We found Snow White the next day, but I had to include it with these pics because....PRINCESS!!!!!
After our meal, we set out to hit the rides again! Rae (and I think all the littles) crashed pretty quickly in the strollers, so us mama's just wandered around, taking it all in, while everyone else did big rides.

Oh Disneyland, you really do make dreams come true!!

Stay tuned for moooooore!!!

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