Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Halloween 2015

I've never really been a big Halloween fan. In fact, I'd say it's my least favorite holiday.
As a kid, the candy-factor was a major win....but as I've grown up, that's almost moved over to the con list.
Also, I've never been one to wait for an occasion to dress up. So, while that was fun, it was no different than regular life.

But, I have to say, this past Halloween might be the beginning of a change in my relationship with Halloween, because...

Halloween with kids.

It's kind of awesome.

This year we had a Halloween party with good friends.....kidless! So, that was a blast. G Frame and I went as a Hunter and his Doe. The only thing I had to buy was 5 dolla worth of fur at the fabric store, which I made into a crudely-looking vest. The make-up was my favorite part...totally easy to do, didn't require any special makeup, and I feel like it turned out pretty cool in the end. There was a moment there where I looked like a total idiot, and I was about to wipe it all off, but then the last step was the nose, and that somehow pulled it all together. And then I made some ears out of some leftover felt I had laying around. The best part was that all G had to do was wear his camo hunting shirt and carry around a little gun all, like, best case scenario for him.

And then, the whole costume-thing for Rae just turned out to be

Let it be known, that I am not very good with a sewing machine, or really anything super creative.

In my family, we've never really MADE costumes. Occasionally we bought them, but most of the time we put random things together from our big box of dress-ups and made it work. And it did work, usually really great!

But this year, Rae has a total fascination with the Statue of Liberty, or the Statue of Litabree, as she likes to call it. We saw the real thing in NYC back and March, plus an awesome adult-sized Lego one in the FAO Schwarts store, and then we saw the Vegas one plus an awesome Hershey one back in June. And, girlfriend is a fan. A big fan. I can't tell you how many times she's asked to watch crazy-boring Statue of Liberty documentaries on youtube.

Anyways, she's been asking to be the Statue of Liberty for Halloween for months. And she's been practicing her pose for just as long. Many times I've walked in the living room to find Rae, standing on a stool, with a book in one hand and her other hand holding a pretend-torch high in the air.

So, I ordered a cheapy little costume off of Amazon, and it turned out to be quite pitiful. But it was our only option, so we cocked our head to the side and squinted our eyes and tried to figure out a way to make it work. Rae suggested "more sparkles!" so that's where we started.

I'm not going to lie, it was totally surreal to be hemming and pinning and sewing my little girl's halloween costume. I could feel it in my heart, and I loved every second.

I hemmed the bottom of her dress, pulled in the shoulders, shortened the sleeves, added sparkles to the sash in the front, maneuvered pipe-cleaners into her crown to straighten it, and sprayed a healthy amount of glitter on her crown and her torch.

In the end, you guys, it was awesome.
And she looked so dang adorable.
And she held that torch up high for pretty much 3-days straight.

Johnny John joined the party in some red, white, & blue attire plus a little Uncle Sam hat. And just like that, Halloween was a WIN!
Other than that, Halloween was the usual mixture of pumpkin carving, candy eating, halloween parties, and spooky things. Johnny, G, and I dressed up in an amazing Very Hungry Caterpillar costume for the ward trunk-or-treat. Rae was supposed to be a butterfly for that one party, but she insisted that she still be Lady Liberty. I wish I had gotten a group pic, but all I could manage were some shots of Johnny. His costume was a little tricky to walk in, so he pretty much scooted around on his stomach....exactly like a caterpillar. The whole costume set came from Laren and her little family! It was out of this world creative and professional looking.
^he looks really happy here...huh?^

Trick-or-treating on the actual night of Halloween was such a blast. We met up with our good friends at this amazing little neighborhood where most of the home-owners sat in their driveways with bonfires and awesome decorations. Rae's little feet walked almost the entire neighborhood, and she went up to almost every door by herself, and loudly declared "trick or treat!" With how nervous and anxious she can get, it was a pretty proud moment to see her being independent and stepping out of her comfort zone....I guess candy is a pretty big motivator! After each of the first few houses, she was totally content to go home and just eat the 3 pieces of candy in her bucket, and it took a little convincing to show her that there was more candy to be had. Once she realized that there was a potential to get more lollipops (!!!!!), there was no stopping her!

You might notice that Johnny looks like he's being tortured in most of the pictures in this post....and I think it's a pretty accurate representation of how he felt. Kid's not quite into it all yet. Maybe next year...

Anyways, I guess what I'm trying to say is that, all in all, Halloween this year was a good one. One that I'll never forget. And I think that some tiny part of me is already looking forward to next year, which is a first.

Also, let it be known that Rae has already declared that she wants to dress up as the Statue of Litabree again next year.

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