Tuesday, November 10, 2015

this is what 'me, not taking a nap' looks like

Okay hi.

So I was just laying in my bed (yes, it's 4:50pm on a Tuesday).
I do this thing where, when my kids are both asleep, I pretend to forget about all the important things that I need to do, and I just lay down in my bed. "For just a second..." of course.
No, I'm never plaaaaaaanning on taking a nap...unbeknownst to me, it just happens at some point.
Biology, ya know?

Anyways, as my eyes were about to accidentally close, I had the thought, "You should go write on that good ol' blog...."
So annoying.
I went back and forth about all the pros and cons, which mostly seemed to center around the blanket I was warmly cuddled into.

This isn't a good story, because you already know the ending by the mere fact that you're reading right now.
Can't tell you how many times this exact same 'story' didn't get written....so consider yourself lucky...or unlucky. Either one. 

Anyways, Blog.
Let's just chat for a second, shall we?
About the simple pleasures and the deeper meanings of life.


About the 'spending fast' I declared yesterday.
Gosh, I hate when I make rash decisions after being momentarily inspired by some silly little thought.

Let it be known.
One month.
No shopping. No spending.

I mean, could I have picked a worse month?!
(lets all try that again, Chandler Bing style!)
I mean, could I have picked a worse month?!

Black Friday is basically tomorrow.
And Christmas shopping, you guys.

I don't know what I was thinking.

Except that I loooooove, luuuuhhhh-vvve, having a savings.
I think I might love shopping a bit more though.
So ya, I guess that's what I was thinking.

Still though, I can faintly hear Target calling my name as we speak.
(Let it be known, I'm definitely not a crazy shopper.....though I totally wish I was. No, I'm just a slight-to-regular shopper. Except for this month. For the next 30 days I'm a barred shopper.)

I don't know why, but I've been thinking a lot about my New Years resolutions.

Oh, wait. I do know why.

A few days ago we were at the park. Garrett had taken my camera to snap a few pics. Later when I was looking though them, there was a picture of me, looking at whatever, and my face was like, totally pissed off.
Which, there was never a moment where I was mad or upset or pissed off.
I went back to the picture like 3 times, always in confusion, trying to figure out why I looked like that.
And the only conclusion was that I had a bad case of RBF. (if you don't know...google it, and don't judge me) 
I guess I'm not that surprised, because I have a horrible poker face...but I guess my condition has worsened because there was no reason for me to look upset, yet, well, I did.

Anyways. Long story long....sorry.
One of my New Years Resolutions (starting right now), is to look happy, even when I'm not. Instead of looking grumpy, even when I'm not.
Also, along those same lines, just to go about my day happier, more content, more open to change and spontaneity, with more patience. In short, a better attitude.

I think, looking back at this last year, I've kinda been in survival mode for a lot of it.

I don't know why, but 2 kids, man. It was a hard adjustment for me.
I did it, but I kinda felt like I was always running to catch up with life....never really getting ahead. Which, I really like to be ahead.

Anyways. Next year, you guys....2016 is my year. I can feel it!

So, I'm working on my resolutions now, and practicing now. Because next year is going to be gooooood.

That's not to say this year wasn't good. Because it was. It was very very good.
But also hard.
And I think I might have looked grumpy for most of it....even though I wasn't.

Alright. That's all the pointless thoughts I have for now.

Peace and sparkles, my friends!


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