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Garrett came home from work early today, sick. Which, lets just say, that was the cherry on top of this lovely little Monday (in case my tone isn't coming through the screen, I'm being sarcastic). He got home around 4:30, was asleep by 4:45, and has yet to even shift positions. It's now nearly 10pm and I'm like, so bored out of my mind.
Bright side is that I'm here now, which is nice.

I've been thinking a lot about 2015. It was a really REALLY good year, with little sprinkles of trials here and there. Nothing we couldn't handle though. Overall, I look back on 2015 with fondness and remember it as a year filled with travels, family, and laughter.

Since blogging moved down on the priority list last year, I wanted to recap a few of my favorite moments of 2015.

In no particular order.

With Garrett. And no kids. On broadway. In New York City. 
If someone would have told me that someday I'd get to go to Wicked in NYC with my lover boy and no kids, I would have laughed in their face. It would have seemed so so far fetched and impossible....yet, somehow it all worked out.
An opportunity arose for us to go out East, and luckily we were able to jump on it. We decided to stay a couple days in the city while we were there. We invited Garrett's sis & fam to join us. On our second day there, we decided to just check what prices even were for Wicked. Within 30 minutes we had awesome tickets waiting for us at will-call. We got all dressed up, gave Laren (our hero!) a run-down on bedtime for our kiddos, and hit the town.
I can literally replay the whole thing in my head, from start to finish.
Walking to the subway, hand in hand.
Riding to Times Square.
Running through the rain to the theater.
I remember thinking, "Holy crap! How is this even happening right now?! Is this real life?"
Walking into the theater and just wanting to memorize every detail of every sign or poster or display.
The show was to-die-for amazing. I can't even describe how much I loved it. I literally just keep looking up and sighing over here right now as I reminisce and type.
I've wanted to see it forever. I've known every word to every song for years.
We've had a couple opportunities to see it, but nothing that ever panned out. Until this.
The whole thing was like a dream. A really really good dream!
It was the best date night ever.

on that same note:
I still can't believe that I got to show Garrett and my kids one of my top favorite favorite FAVORITE places in the world! My Aunt Nancy's house, the beach/boardwalk nearby, getting to see my Grandpa. It was something I'd always hoped I'd get to do. We got to eat my favorite food, play my favorite games, go to my favorite places, and see so many of my very favorite people! It was more than my nostalgic little heart could handle. It's been nearly 10 months since we went and I'm not kidding when I say I think back on that trip nearly every single day. It was a dream come true.

We finally got to paint the rest of the rooms in our house last year, and I'm not kidding when I say that I loved it. I know that painting is usually NOT something that people are excited or anxious to do, but I definitely don't share that opinion. I love it for so many reasons. First of all, we finally got to nix those green, purple, and yellow/orange walls! So, that alone was like !!!!!. Second, spending my time working away with Garrett on our little home is just really really fun to me. I literally just love that I have walls to paint, and him to paint them with.

Riding to Crown King
One Saturday we bundled up and 4-wheeled through the mountains to the quaintest little mountain town called Crown King. We saw some of the most amazing views, met some of the craziest people, and ate some of the best food I've ever had (for reals). It was seriously such a dang good day. And mostly because of the dang good people we were with. I'm not even kidding, it was one of my favorite days ever with some of my favorite people ever.
There were a million reasons why it was the perfect day, I don't even know where to start. I just loved that both the kids could come, that we got to spend time with the Lees, and that we got to breathe that fresh mountain air all day long. I blogged about it here. Definitely a highlight of 2015.

Watching Johnny Grow
It's crazy to think how fast babies change. At the beginning of 2015, Johnny was only 4-months old. We were still nursing, he wasn't sleeping through he night, he wasn't eating solids yet, I don't think he was even rolling yet. And now: he turned one, he eats like a 13 year old boy, and he's running all over the place! He's a busy one, that John. Always into everything, never listening to Mom's requests to stay outta trouble. He's tough when he gets himself in a pinch, he figure's his own way out, even if he has to sacrifice his noggin in the process. I'm not kidding when I say that he's never without a goose-egg on that big ol' forehead of his.
He's a major heart-breaker with that cheeky grin and those big ol' eyes. Long story short, we are all beyond smitten with that kid.

Rae started preschool back in August, and it has been THE best! First of all, watching her walk off to class with her little backpack on....I can't help but grin. It's almost as good as watching her bounce out of the door at the end of preschool, craft in hand, squealing as she tells me every detail of her day. She loves it! Her teacher is amazing and she has the sweetest little friends. That Rae....2015 was the year that we really got to fully see how anxious she can be. Preschool was both a trial and a solution for her anxiety, and watching her be more independent and brave has been such a relief! Plus, the 1-on-1 time it gives me and Johnny is something I treasure. Not only is grocery shopping with just one kiddo practically like going on vacation, but I've gotten to bond with that handsome boy so much more, and I truly love it!

Visitors, visitors, visitors!!
For sure one of my favorite parts of 2015 was getting to host so many friends and family, and showing them this place that we call home. Tiffini and her family came in early April. We swam and shopped and ate amazing food. Watching the cousins play together was a dream come true. A week later Leah and her family made an appearance. Swimming, shopping, and food again....of course! We also realized the glory of the Phoenix Children's Museum. Those kids had a blast together! In August my mom came for Rae's birthday. Probably the highlight was going to the Butterfly Exhibit and having huge, gorgeous butterflies land on us! Spending time with my mom is always so much fun! In August, one of my dearest best friends showed up on my doorstep with balloons and Zupas and 1 million hugs. It was the greatest surprise ever! In September our best friends from Provo, the Atwoods, came. It was instantly like old times where we would chat on our couch and play games for hours! Seeing how both our families had grown was so much fun, too! In November the whole Frame gang stopped in for Uncle Jordon's wedding. We played at the park, hit up the children's museum, ate too much In-n-out, and pretty much let Rae & Charlie run the show! Of course that was amazing!
We were lucky enough to make it to Idaho 3 times last year. Garrett got to go in March to see Nathan go through the temple, and then we all went back in June for Maddee and Brett's wedding. And then at the lat minute we threw everything in the car and drove up for Christmas break! My heart is always happy in Idaho. We got to see so much family, from both sides, which was the biggest blessing. There wasn't a shortage of family in 2015, which is how every year should be if you ask me!

Rae learns to S W I M!
Living in Arizona, I just kinda feel like your kid has to learn to swim ASAP. Just because there are a million pools everywhere, but also because in the heat of the summer, that's pretty much all we do. So I really needed Rae to not drown, if possible. We signed her up for swim lessons at the beginning of the summer and, you guys, it was amazing. That girl went from crying at the sight of water, to jumping off the diving board all by her self and swimming to the side. I was so unbelievably proud of her for overcoming such a huge fear. The sweetest part was that she proved to herself that she could do it...that even in the moment of fear and anxiety, her body would listen to her and she could do what she was determined to do! It was so fun to watch!

Just a few other randoms from 2015:
- 1 helmet for Johnboy.
- 2.5 months with that expensive piece of plastic...we were happy to see it go!
- 1 trip to the E.R for 1 injured ankle.
- 1 trip to the insta-care for 1 broken tailbone.
- 1 set of crutches.
- 3 sets of x-rays.
- 2 days in Vegas seeing 4 old friends!
- 4 days in Utah with the youth from our ward.
- 1 car accident....on Johnny's birthday.
- 1 new couch!
- 1 new missionary in the family....Elder Nathan in Long Beach, CA.
- 1 new nephew, Mr Ollie!
- 1 new brother in law, Brett!
- countless trips to the park!
- an A/C unit that broke TWICE!
- 1 new water heater!
- 13 painted walls!
- 1 flooded kitchen.
- 3 Statue's of Liberty! (NYC, Las Vegas, and Rae @ Halloween!)
- 5 snow angels (in Idaho over Christmas!)
- 2 rides at the fair.
- our 5 year anniversary!
- 1 ride in a teeny little 2-man airplane.
- too many trips to the waffle-truck.
- 2 oceans (Atlantic & Pacific).
- 365 pictures on my photo-a-day account (@mydailyframe)

2015 was really really good to us! And I'm so excited to see what 2016 has in store for us!

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