Saturday, December 19, 2015

budgets and hipsters

Oh my goodness, what a month we have had. What a year we have had.

Things have been crazy over here, as usual.
The holidays are fully upon us which is THE best. It is my happiest time of year, for sure for sure for sure.

I just finished up my 1-month spending FREEEEEZE, and I have to say:
A W E S O M E.


A W E S O M E.

G and I have always been pretty protective of our money...if that makes any sense. We were really careful where we put it, makings sure not to throw it all over the place. But, it's like a-whole-nother story now. We are on this total 'savings kick,' and my goodness, it's been rewarding. And hard. And a little stressful. But also, such a relief to finally be 100% aware of where every single teeny little penny is going.
I think we always thought we were on a 'savings kick'....but, lets just say, we had a lot of room to improve. Like, the awareness....boom!
Yes, we're obsessed. And meticulous. And it sucks (a little), but it's also awesome (a lot).

So yeah.

Also, I know this won't work forever, but waiting until mid-december to buy christmas gifts gave me a lot more opportunity to find killer deals on the stuff we were already planning on buying. Hello Amazon Deal of the Day, I love you...and also I kinda hate you. It's super fun to snag something I've been planning on buying anyways for 50% off (hollller!)....but then when something comes up that I already bought for twice as almost ruins it all. Oh well, what can ya do?!

Christmas, you guys. It's seriously my happy place! Everything about this season makes me want to giggle all day long. And it helps that Rae and Johnny are eating it up right along with me.

We've got a non-stop party of Christmas music, Christmas shows & movies, holiday treats, Santa seeking, caroling, and present-wrapping. On that note, have you guys tried out the Hipster Holidays pandora station? I'm not kidding, it's the bee's knees. You can thank me later....and you will, because it's awesome!

Alright, there has been a wonderful plethora of non-related information shared in this post. And now I think I'm done.

Two things to remember:
1. Read Dave Ramsey. It will change your life.
2. Listen to Hipster Holidays on Pandora. 

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