Monday, January 04, 2016

Back in AZ

Today is like an abnormally gloomy day here in AZ...and I just have to say, it's like still SO beautiful. Arizona is pretty cool, you guys.
We pulled in from our long Christmas vacation last night, and are you even ready for this.... it was 70 degree's outside. Coming from the bitter Utah and Idaho weather, we kinda skipped around, smiling as we opened all the windows and then stuffed the washer with way too much laundry.
It's really good to be back.
But that is not at all a reflection on the trip we had. Because, for reals, it was amazing. Like, so so good.
We were gone for 12 days total, and we for sure packed it all in. We were able to see so much family, and so many friends, and make so many memories.

Since I'm short on time, I'm going to give a super super fast version of our trip.

- Drove to Utah.
- Rae fell asleep and when she woke up, there was snow outside. Her gasp was hilarious. For a girl who's never really seen snow, she was sure obsessed! At one point she kept telling us that she saw the North Mountain ("Look Mom! It's the North Mountain!" then 5 minutes later "No wait...I think that's the north mountain!"). We were so confused until she mentioned Elsa and we remembered that she lives on the North Mountain. It was a 'thing' for our whole trip.
- We stopped at Papa and Grandma Robin's house to say hi! We loooove them!
- Then we spent the night with the Taylors! We chatted and played games way into the night and it was a blast!
Day 2: Christmas Eve!
- Fun morning with the Taylors! Oh, how we love them!
- Drove to Idaho.
- Pit-stop at Christmas Eve dinner with the Davis' to see Kyle and Jade and the girls! Such a happy visit filled with non-stop hugs. (Also, can't forget how smitten Maddyn was with Johnny. Non stop kisses, hugs, and loves!!!)
- Home to the Frames for dinner, cookies, the nativity story, Christmas PJ's, and sweet dreams!

- Rae heard Santa's jingle bells in the morning!
- Uncle Davis found reindeer & sleigh tracks in the snow!
- Opening presents!
- Rae handing out her dollar-store presents for everyone.
- Watching Uncle Davis ride his heelies back and forth through the foyer.
- Dr. Rae giving checkups with her new 'scope.' ("Now, take a deep breath for me....and one more...)
- Skyping with Elder Nathan in CA.
- Hide & Seek with the Frames. (grandma and grandpa always hiding on the couch...:)
can you find grandma and grandpa??

Day 4
- Off to the Enzlers to open more presents and build forts and hang out!
- the Packers arrived and Rae & Char were reunited!
- Star Wars with Kyle & Jade that evening!

Day 5
- Church.
- Family time with both Frames and Enzlers!
tea parties!

Day 6
- Swimming at the YMCA! Johnny basically drowning himself in an attempt to be in the water as much as possible.
- Dinner & games with the Enzlers!
- Maddyn and Johnny.
- Tayler reading Rae books.
- A long round of Phase 10 with the Frame kids.
- So much cousin time!
these two have such a special bond!

Day 7, 8, & 9.
- Ryenn painting Rae's nails.
- Monopoly Deal and Phase 10.
- Boys basketball with the high school gang.
- Cousin time.
- Merrit's with old High School friends!
- Yummy food!
- Painting with Tayler.
- Goodbyes to the Enzlers!
- Shopping and hanging out with the Frames!
- playing in the snow!
- TUCANO'S!!!!!!!!!
- Rae & Char.
- Celebrating NYE with the Packers and a deck of cards!
so so much fun at the Enzler's!

i like, LOVE these people.

Day 10: New Years Day
- Drove to Utah
- Party with the Taylor's (And the Taylor's-in-law! ;)
- FAMILY PICTURES with the best photographer in the world!
- Tucano's again.....2 times in 3 days is a great way to end and start the year!
- Games and cousin times!
aren't they to die for?

Day 11
- Best Friend brunch with Natalie and Mary Jane! Seriously, just the best!
- Party in the church gym with bikes, scooters, and a hover-board!
- Cousin time and late night chats!

Day 12
- Drove back to 70 degree weather, baby!
g'head and swoon over johnny's eyelashes.

The whole trip was seriously amazing. It was a last minute decision to even go, just because driving 15 hours with 2 toddlers is packing for 12 days and just dealing with all the tiny details of driving and seeing everyone you want to see. But it all came together beautifully and it was a perfect trip! I'm so so glad we went and got to spend time with so many people we LOVE!

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