Saturday, January 09, 2016

Christmas [2015]

Christmas this year was a good one!

Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday. I crave it all year long. So when it finally comes, I make sure we live it up. Christmas music often starts even before Halloween, and I make no apologies (Hipster holidays on're welcome). The house is decorated with advent calendars and reindeer and stockings and mistletoe and 20 nativities! Christmas carols are sung in the car and before bed. We try to see as many Santa's as possible! Cookies are baked and frosted and delivered! And gift-lists are made and checked off for all those we love! Lots and lots of hot chocolate is involved, too. It's just such a magical time.

And this year Rae and Johnny ate it all up. And Garrett too. We were like one big jolly family! Haha....okay that might be exaggerating, but for real I love Christmas and we sure know how to have a little fun with it!

At the last minute we decided to drive to Idaho and use up some of G's time-off. We packed up all our presents and drove 15+ hours, happily making a few pit-stops on the way. We've driven to Idaho for Christmas twice now and both times we felt like we were driving to Christmas. We left Arizona with 70 degree weather and bright blue skies, and slowly but surely ended up with a foot of snow and fog covering the chimneys. It was for sure the most perfect white Christmas surrounded by so many people that we love!

We pulled in on Christmas Eve and got right to work eating cookies and acting out the Nativity Story. Rae threw magic reader food on the snow and left a note and cookies out for Santa.

Christmas as a child is all sorts of magical and fun, but I'm certain that Christmas as an adult is full of just as much magic and excitement. Uncle Davis saw to it that Santa's sleigh and his reindeer found the food Rae left on the snow, and Garrett made sure Santa found the cookies and milk left out for him. There may have been some last minute scrambling from the elves to set up a certain bike, but it was all done in time and it was all part of the magic!

We woke up to the sound of Santa's bells and raced out to see what he left us! The morning was spent opening presents, eating yummy food, and playing with our new toys. Rae rode her new bike around, Johnny preferred to push his little ride-on car, and uncle Davis perfected his heelie skills going back and forth through the kitchen & foyer. At one point we layered up in all our snow gear and headed out to the winter wonderland! It was kind of amazing! We built tiny snowmen, made countless snow angels, raced each other around the yard. I hope I never forget the look on Rae's face as she realized the beauty and wonder of snow. And also when she realized that she could eat it....priceless!

The rest of the day consisted of phone calls to family, check-up's from Dr. Rae (with her new 'scope'), and of course Skyping with Elder Nathan in California. Talking with him made everyone smile and laugh and miss him even more....but also, it was easy to see how well that kid is doing and we are just so proud of him. More playing and more yummy food filled the rest of our evening.

It was simple and sweet and everything a Christmas morning should be.

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