Tuesday, February 09, 2016


A few weeks ago we got the insane opportunity to go skiing in Vail, CO with some of our very best friends. I'm not even kidding when I say that the whole thing was meant to be. Garrett's mom was already coming for the entire duration of our trip, and things were light at Garrett's work which made taking-off a breeze. So, we pulled our ski clothes outta the attic and kissed our kiddo's goodbye. This was the first time we've left them both, and even though it was just a quick trip, it still made my mama heart ache.....for a few minutes, at least ;). I knew they were in great hands with Grandma!

Skiing Vail was absolutely insane. Our cabin was ski-in-ski-out. So literally, we put our boots on, walked outside, strapped our ski's on, and skied down the mountain. Our friends, Ryan and Sarah, are Vail pro's so they took us to all the best spots on the mountain. Which, by the way, that mountain is huge. Huuuuuuggggeeee! And gorgeous. And the snow was like nothing I've ever seen.

I kiiinda learned to ski when I was like 14. I think I skied a handful of times over 3 or 4 years, so I never ever got good. In fact, I never got to the point that I even really enjoyed it. I always felt like it was so much work and stress and I couldn't get to that point where I would relax and just enjoy the mountain. Plus, I haven't strapped on a pair of ski's for like 12 years. So, I was more than a little nervous to ski Vail with all of our friends who were very very good skiers. At one point I decided that I'd just hang out in the cabin, just because I was so worried that I'd hold everyone back.

But then, once we got there and I got to see the full beauty that is Vail Mountain, I couldn't help but go for it. By some miracle I was a better skier than I ever had been in my teens. I credit that partially to the fact that I'm no longer a lanky teenager who has no idea how to control my limbs (but seriously!:), and partly to the fact that I just wanted to freaking go for it! Which is exactly what I did, and it was awesome! Now, I wasn't by any means good. I could make it down the mountain though, and I had the best time eeeeeever.
It was a total social trip, so at the bottom of each hill, we'd all wait for each other at the lift. Then we'd ride back up together and chat and laugh the whole way. We stopped at two amazing spots for lunch and ate some of the best food ever (does food just taste better when you're on top of a mountain?!). Half-way through the second day I attempted a mogul black-diamond called Zot. It kicked my arse. At one point I definitely slid down like 3 mogul's on my head, and there was nothing I could do. But, I got back up and made it down alive, which was kind of like the best feeling ever.
After attempting a black-diamond, plus 2 days in a row of skiing, my legs were gone. Like spent. The lifts closed and we started to head down the mountain to the cabin. I'll never forget Ryan saying, "Okay gang! 20 minutes 'til we're in the hot tub!" I mean, how crazy is that?! Here we were at the top of Vail mountain, in layers and layers of ski clothes, and within half an hour we were in our swim-suits relaxing in a hot tub. It was so crazy and so awesome. Plus, my muscles were so happy to relax in that hot hot water!

Since the mountain closes at 3:30, we had all evening to hang out, explore, and be social. Both nights we walked to town and just enjoyed! There were fountains and fireplaces, live music, and the cutest little shops. Plus the coolest little outdoor ice-sculpture movie theater, ice skating rinks, and gorgeous alleyways all covered in stringed lights. All the sidewalks were pavers or cobblestone, and I just felt like I was walking through Arendelle from Frozen. I think we spent the most time in the Patagonia store, the candy store, and the stuffed-animal store getting souvenirs for the kids. We ate dinner at the most amazing Steak House the first night, and then an awesome pizza place the next.

At night we drank hot chocolate, did tim-tam slams, and played hours of card games. The best part of the trip was the company we were with. We feel so blessed to be friends with such amazing people.  There was never a dull moment! The next best part of the trip was the fact that we were kid-less. The first night I had a hard time falling asleep without the sound of the static from the video monitor next to my bed....but I got used to it preeeeetty quick. Plus it was amazing to not even worry for half a second about those kiddos....Garrett's mom is seriously a hero of mine and Rae and Johnny loved being with her!

It was a trip we'll always remember with a smile!

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