Friday, April 15, 2016

Johnny @ 19 months

Poor Johnboy. I've done hardly any monthly updates on that kid.
He's already a little over a year an half and he makes us smile every single day.

He's pretty big for his age, but he's still a baldy Lou, so I feel like he looks like this big giant baby. Just today I looked at him and couldn't believe how looong his legs are. The kid must've just gone through a growth spurt, because all of a sudden he is so tall! I'll be so sad to see his chub thin out as he gets more of a little-kid body and loses his baby body. I love that chubby boy.  (Don't worry....I just checked, and his cheeks still jiggle when he runs. Phew!)

He loves balls and cars and books. He has those three words on repeat, all day, every day. He'll eat anything and everything, but his favorite food by far is Bananas. "Nana" is the first thing he says when I come in his room every morning, and he sign's "milk" at the same time...quite efficient.

He's not as cautious as Rae was/is, which has it's pro's and con's. He gets hurt 80 times a day, but rarely cries or even has time for me to make sure he's okay.

His vocabulary has exploded in the last month, and now he talks so much. "Luh yooou" is by far our favorite, but "back-et-ball" and all his animal sounds are a close second.

He's a content little boy, always good to chill...except at church, he's horrible at church. In public he doesn't have many expressions, he just kinda looks around with his big eyes and droopy cheeks (which I die over). But at home, around those he loves, he's hysterical....always trying to get us to laugh and play. He gets the most joy out of making Rae laugh (and it is SO cute when he does).

Rae and Johnny have become such sweet little buddies. I've always wanted them to be close, but they are SO different that I always kinda thought it was a long shot. But in the past few months those two have played like the best of friends and it feeds my mama soul. Somehow their opposite personalities complement each other and stretch each other at the same time. They are so good for each other. I'm certain that they were meant to be.

Johnny's favorite person in the whole world is his "Dada!" He calls out for him a million times every day, and anytime I'm talking to anyone on the phone, Johnny is at my feet yelling up at the phone, "Dada! Dada!" Over and over and over. When G comes home at the end of the day, John drops whatever he's doing and runs full-speed into his arms. They are the best duo.

Baths and pools are Johnny's happy place, and he is constantly drowning himself in both. Seriously though, it's super scary. We can't take our eyes off him because he goes crazy in the water. We gotta get that boy in some swimming lessons asap. I have a feeling he got a few of his Dad's genes when it comes to swimming and maybe he has a bright future in the water. I hope so!

My absolute favorite thing about my Johnny is the way he cuddles. Most of the day he is busy and active and into everything. But as passionate as he is about exploring, he's equally as passionate about reading books. He LOVES to read. He brings me easily 30 books a day (plus repeats), and then climbs on my lap and snuggles right in. He goes totally limp and just melts into me as soon as I open up the cover and start reading. It is often the highlight of my day.

Switching gears a bit...that kid will not watch TV. Like, at all. We aren't big TV watchers over here, but now and then I need a quick 20-30 minute break to work on something, so I'll start a show for the kids. And Johnboy will not watch. Grrr. It would make my life so much easier if he would seriously just watch one TV show a week, that's all I ask! Or at least just stay outta trouble for that little period of time. I swear every time I look away he's into something he shouldn't be.

We're still managing a few allergies with him, luckily nothing major. Right now I'm a little suspicious and hesitant with dairy eggs. I have to be pretty aware of his skin because his eczema flare-ups can be pretty uncomfortable for him. We've gotten into a pretty good routine that keeps his skin smooth and healthy. The latest concern is mosquito it possible that he's allergic to those?

Anyways. I know this is super random, but we just love that boy. Like, we love the heck outta him. He is a really really good one. And we are so lucky to call him ours!

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