Thursday, August 04, 2016

First day of Preschool (year 2)

Yesterday was Rae's first day of school.
She's doing the older class at the same school she attended last year.
She has such a great teacher and they really do amazing things.
There's a huge garden where they plant and harvest vegetables, and then a little barn-yard with chickens, goats, and a pig!
We sent her last year, just for a few hours a week, to help her with her independence and coping skills.
It really worked miracles, and she was ecstatic to up her attendance to 3 mornings a week.
Johnny and I also love the solo-time.
For real, it has been a game changer. And it has given us the sweetest bonding time that we otherwise wouldn't have gotten.

Tuesday night we got her all bathed and cleaned, set out her outfit and backpack, and her Daddy gave her the sweetest back-to-school father's blessing.
It was such a special night talking about all that was ahead of her this year!
I'm so excited to see all the fun she has!

So Wednesday morning we pulled up to her preschool...Rae was squealing with delight, and Johnny literally lost it.....begging to get out of his carseat and go inside with her.
Since we were walking her in anyways, I brought him along.
We went inside, dropped off her classroom supplies, and took her to the classroom to get settled (it's just in a house, but she's got a full-blown classroom built-in).
This whole time, Johnny was fine-and-dandy, but the second I mentioned we were leaving, he literally broke down in sobs.
Like, just devastated that we were leaving Rae Rae there....and that he couldn't stay as well.

It may have been the cutest/sweetest/saddest thing I've ever seen.
I know this is blurry, but still, I love it. 
We gave sis big hugs and kisses and made our way back to the car, and I kid you not, Johnboy bawled for like 15 minutes.
And just kept saying "RaeRae! RaeRae!" in-between sobs.

He helped me run errands, and a lollipop c/o the bank seemed to cheer him up.

Three hours later, we were back picking her up, and Johnny couldn't have been more thrilled!
We came home to fresh-baked cookies to eat while she told me every detail of her first day of school (a tradition I grew up treasuring).
Most days I still can't believe my baby girl is big enough for school! 
Technically, she's old enough for kindergarten next year, which truly blows my mind (although we might add in another year of preschool). 
I'm so glad to have such a sweet girl, who loves learning and playing and just being happy. She brightens my day every day. 

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