Monday, August 08, 2016

Zoo Day! (throwback)

Back in February, Rae's preschool had a field-trip to the wildlife zoo. It's kind of their 'big event' of the year, so all the kids were super excited for it! Garrett happened to be leaving for a little guys ski trip later that afternoon, so he took the whole day off to come with us! We had so much fun spending our morning walking around the zoo, seeing all the fun animals, riding rides, and just spending time together....I mean, I can't remember the last time I spent a Thursday morning with that guy, just hanging out! 
The highlight of our morning was definitely feeding the giraffes. Yes, I definitely lifted Rae up over the fence to get her closer. There was a zookeeper right there who didn't seem to mind, and Rae was absolutely thrilled!!! 
Rae's sweet little class!
I know this was only like 5/6 months ago...but I can't believe how little Rae looks. She's grown so much since then!
Love this shot!
literally nothing gives me the creeps more than crocs & alligators!

It was a perfect morning, and for real gave me the boost I needed to survive the next 6 days while G was off skiing Vail with his buddies. 

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