Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Dallas (with NO kids)

Last Thursday I hopped on a plane [all by myself] and headed to Dallas for the weekend to see my parents and brothers! I just want to emphasize the ALL BY MYSELF part, because that, my friends, was pretty dang cool. Having literally not flown without children for the past 4.5 years, the whole thing felt like luxury. The flight was full, and I was stuck against the window, and I had to pee the whole time.....but I didn't care because I bought FOUR cookies and read my book and it was amazing.

I got in late, but was still welcomed with warm hugs from both my parents at the airport. The next morning was Friday, and Brian and Matt and my Dad all had work, and Kyle and Jade hadn't arrived yet....so my mom and headed out for a little morning date to WACO, TEXAS. We seriously drove an hour and 40 minutes each way to spend a total of 2 hours there...and it was still awesome. (Side note: lately, Garrett and I have been trying to step out of the 'easy' zone and do things that might take a little more effort and work, but are worth it for the experience and memories made! This fell right into that category, and I'm so glad that we made the drive, even just for a short time). Waco was like, this total po-dunk small town (at least what we saw of it), and the Silo's were definitely like this major attraction! About 3 blocks away we started seeing cars lining the streets and people walking in groups. There were SO many people there. And really, it's not a very large property. So, lots of people, and not a ton of room for all of them. We parked a block or two away by a little church, and the lady managing the lot said that it was this busy every. single. day.

The barn/store was so packed, you could hardly even walk through it. And the line to buy something wrapped around the whole store. They had some really darling things, of course, but I decided to skip the line and buy stuff online. The displays were killer though, so I'm really glad we got to go through it all. The grounds were equally as dreamy....big fields with footballs and jumprope and frisbee's, a massive plank-style swing set, and the most gorgeous walk-through garden with fairy houses and lattice walls and the most fragrant smells. The back of the property is lined with food trucks, and my mom and I got some amazing savory crepes filled with fresh spinach, avocado, tomato, turkey, and cilantro sauce. It was divine!
On our way home we had some excitement in the form of a shredded tire....in the middle of nowhere. It took about one second of me (and my pregnant belly) examining the situation before a few cowboys ran up to help out. It all felt very 'TEXAS' with the nice cowboy helping out, some country music blasting in the background, and the beautiful Texas scenery all around. I'm a fan of Texas, I think.

That night Kyle & Jade got into town and everyone met up at my parents for dinner! I got to meet Dylan and Wyatt for the first time ever, and it was so much fun. We played with the kids, ate delicious food, and chatted and laughed all night long. It was such a good night!
The next day, we woke up early and met at Top Golf for a little morning fun. Having literally never golfed before, I still thought it was a ton of fun! Again, lots of chatting and laughing and just enjoying our time together. Afterwards we went to Matt's work where he gave us a tour of all the American History artifacts.....armrests from the Titanic, Lincon's death mask, meteorites, Picasso originals, and fossilized dinosaur eggs....it's basically a museum. Then we got all competitive for a couple games of Pickle Ball. My parents are SO into pickle ball these days, and they were super excited to show us how it's done. It's not really an Enzler reunion without a little competition thrown in there somewhere.

The rest of the day was filled with the best BBQ eeeevvvveeeerrrr, a little visit to Matt's house to see Dara and meet little Oliva (only ONE week old), and then an amazing dinner at Brian's! We literally spent every second of the day together having fun, catching up, and loving on all the new babies! It was a perfect day, filled with some of my favorite people.
And then, early Sunday morning I hopped on a plane and came home. Super quick trip, but we packed so much fun in! I'm already trying to find a way to go back again soon!

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