Saturday, October 01, 2016

Day 1

So, I think I'm gonna do something kinda crazy. I want to write a blog post every [other] day this month. Eek. We'll see how that goes. Maybe they'll all suck. Maybe I won't even really do it. But I'm going to try.
So here we are. October 1st. I'm so thrilled that October is here. Halloween is not my favorite, but it leads right into Thanksgiving and Christmas, which are my favorites! So I'll take it! Plus, kids make Halloween a little bit cooler, so it's not so bad.

Currently, both kids are asleep, Garrett is working on our broken sprinklers (yes, it's 9:30pm), and I'm watching the Utah State vs. BSU game. USU is losing, for the record. So that kinda stinks. But can we just acknowledge that I'm watching football by myself? What the what?! I know.

In other news....
I'm pregnant! Have I mentioned that? 23.5 weeks, thanks. And it's a GIRL. Yes, we found out this time. We both LOOOOVED being surprised the first 2 times, but I kinda wanted to see what it was like to find out early on. And so far it's been super fun. I think we'll probably be surprised again next time (if there is a next time), but I'm really glad we decided to find out this time.
As far as girl names go...we have none. Well actually, that's not true. We have like 15. But no top-runners. We like a million names, but we don't LOVE any of them. Hopefully we can narrow it down over the next 3.5 months.
Also, is it abnormal to have braxton hicks starting at like 20 weeks? Because I swear I have little contractions all the time. I don't mind them though, just a little reminder that baby girl is hanging out with me. So far this pregnancy is exactly like Rae's, to a T. Same exact cravings, same sickness, same headaches, same hormone rollercoasters. I've had a couple hip issues like I had with Johnny, but I've been doing a lot of preventative exercises and stretches to keep everything in place (plus, Garrett and I did a hard-core exercise program before getting pregnant to help with my strength, and I really think that helped). With Johnny, the debilitating pain didn't start until 24-26 weeks, so I know I'm not in the clear yet, but I'm happy to be pain-free right now.

I know this post is lame-o. But I kinda wanted to lay a little foundation for the following month. Plus, Garrett's lil bro is visiting tomorrow and I gotta make a late-night grocery run.

See ya tomorrow!!

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