Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Day 5

Skipping days left and right. I know.

Tomorrow we head to Utah.
Let's just look at this real quick, shall we?

The high temp today in AZ is 87.
The high temp in Utah is 51.

I'm not sure we know how to handle that these days?
Well, okay, I know we'll be fine.
But literally, I haven't started on winter clothes for the kids yet! I don't know if we've even worn pants in the last 6 months!! Seriously. I'm not sure I even have warm stuff that fits them! Yikes.

Truthfully, I'm actually super excited about the cool temps this weekend! I'm planning on soaking up as much FALL as I possibly can. We've got a farm on the docket, and temple square, as well as a few parks and playdates and just hanging out. I can't wait.

I started today with a massive to-do list, and (shockingly) I've made great progress so far. Gas station, grocery store, preschool, post office, car wash, etc, etc, etc! I've been go-go-going all day and now both kiddos are asleep and I've got no more juice to finish off. The house is nooooooot pretty. And have I started packing? No. No, I have not.

Topic change (because I don't want to talk about how I haven't packed yet): Today we had our first trampoline 'accident.' In case I haven't blogged it yet, Johnboy got a medium-sized, netted trampoline for his birthday last month. Seriously, best decision ever. Those kids loooooove it. So I use it as, not only a massive bargaining chip, but also, it wears them out so much and they've been sleeping so well.
Anyways, today was our first trampoline injury. Just some bonked heads.....we'll Rae's head and Johnny's nose. It started bleeding, and this might be horrible to say, but he just looked so cute with that little bloody nose. He cried a few tears, but then really was mostly just interested in "nose all dirty." We got him good and cleaned up, gave a couple kisses, and he was off.
That kid is a tough one. And seriously so so so much fun. We cannot get enough of him, truly.

Topic change, again.
Things I've done whilst writing this post:
- Paid 2 bills
- Looked something up on Amazon.
- Checked Instagram (kids are napping though, so it's my only insta time)
- Eaten a plate of strawberries (with a spoonful of speculos)
- Defrosted some chicken for dinner tonight
- Taken a potty break
- Laid down on my bed for maybe 20 seconds in an attempt to take a nap, but then realized there's not.enough.time.
- Scrolled through my pics/videos of baby Poppy.
- Looked out the front window a million times.....I'm expecting a package....holler!
- And now, okay, I'm eating a bowl of cheese squares.
I know, it's not pretty over here.
And I fully recognize that this has served more as a journal the past few days than a blog. But I'm eeeeasing back into this, you guys. It's been awhile. And writing is not like riding a bike. I'm a liiiiil rusty.

And now I need to go pack.

Life is good.
Life is beautiful.
And I am just so stinking glad that I get to share it with my people. My Garrett, my Rae, and my Johnny. It's happy, ya know? Like, so unbelievably happy.

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