Wednesday, October 12, 2016

my hips broke this week. and i'm going to complain about it.

Okay, my hips didn't really break, but it feels like it.

Frustrated doesn't even begin to describe it, you guys.

Basically, my body is just really not very good at being pregnant. I'm sick until 21 weeks. I get carpel tunnel so badly that either arm will become completely useless if I'm not super careful. And now, my hip condition is back with a vengeance and I'm literally terrified for what that might mean for the next 15 weeks.

With Johnny, I started having pretty intense pelvic pain and pressure around 24 weeks, and at 28 weeks, it was totally debilitating. I couldn't walk. Well, I could for a short period of time each day, but after that, not even if my life depended on it. My body would lock up and ignore any requests I made for movement. Try that with a toddler....? It was a rough 12 weeks. It's called SPD or PGP and there's not a whole lot that can be done about it. Research shows that mothers with this condition usually see it hit earlier, and more intensely, with each pregnancy.
So yeah, this pregnancy started out a little bit daunting. I did this awesome/intense exercise program to strengthen my core and hips as much as possible before I got many lunges and squats and all kinds of not-fun stuff. I've also been doing all kinds of stretches and exercises to keep everything in place since becoming pregnant. I've avoided inflammatory foods (like legumes), and been deliberate with every movement I make to make sure that I'm doing as much prevention as possible. I also have a couple braces that I wear to help keep my hips together and to keep the baby higher in my abdomen.

Up until 24 weeks and 6 days, I literally had no pain. A little bit of soreness around 16 weeks, but I quickly eliminated it with my exercises. I got my hopes waaaay up that maybe this pregnancy would be different! And then Monday hit, and wham-bam, I can't walk. Oh man, what am I going to do?

The pain sucks, but the knowledge that I may have 15 more weeks before I see relief is what really pushes me over the edge. I'm sure the pregnancy hormones aren't helping my mood much either....sorry family.

Anyways. That's that I guess. Pregnancy is tough. Really worth it, but super tough.

#sorrynotsorry to be a complainer.

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