Thursday, November 17, 2016


If everything goes as planned, this sweet baby girl should make her grand appearance 2 months from today (possibly sooner)!
We are a little bit thrilled about that. And also a little bit like, holy crap, THREE KIDS?!
Two months seems just around the corner, and with Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Garrett's birthday in there....I'm afraid it might come too soon. (Who woulda thought I'd ever say that about my due date...hah!)

As far as pregnancy hurts, but we're surviving.
I feel like, last time, I was so shocked by all the pain I felt, and it kinda spun me into a panic/depression.
This time, I knew it was coming.
And now that it's here...well, life goes on.
Ya, my hips hurt 24/7 and my capabilities are vastly diminished.
But mentally, I feel like I got it all under control. Which has been such a help.
Actually, I just have to say, I think it's been our own little miracle. The other day during our bedtime prayers, Rae prayed that my hips wouldn't hurt anymore. At the end of her prayer, she looked up at me, so proud of herself, and said, "Mommy!!! Are your hips all better?!!"
I was heartbroken for half a second as I debated what to say....because no, my hips aren't all better. BUT! I firmly believe that her prayers have been answered in another way...slightly less obvious, but still as miraculous, if you ask me. I just feel so much more capable of enduring the pain. It is what it is. And for some reason, I smile AND wince as I hobble around each day.
With Johnny's pregnancy, I said over and over that his was for sure my last pregnancy. And I was so adamant. Because I just couldn't handle it. So this time, I keep evaluating....Could I do this again? Is this worth it? Will I sign up for all these preggo symptoms again?
And so far? The answer is yes.
I mean, who knows if 4 kids is in our future, but if it is, I think I can do it, physically at lease.

So truly, I'm enjoying this pregnancy. And I'm okay that we still have 2 months before the little miss makes her appearance.

As far as names go, I swear that we have no clue what this chick shall be named. It was easier when we didn't know gender, if you can believe it!
We've got a list a mile long of names that we like, but none that we love. So, we'll see. I'm literally afraid that she's going to be nameless for the first few months of her life.
Feel free to send name suggestions my way.

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