Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Flowers- Tuesday's Craft [VIDEO]

I've been making more of an effort to plan our days (#intentionaproject), so we've found ourselves on more walks, baking more, studying letters, reading, and crafting.
When I first had Rae, and I felt like I was super on top of life, I started a little project called "Tuesday's Craft." I made an effort every Tuesday to be creative. I remember making molds of Rae's teeny hands and feet, sewing up a little banner for the nursery, and one time teaching Rae to 'finger paint' with different colored baby foods. It was super fun!
Since then, we've added about a million things to our daily 'to do' lists and life has become a bit more complicated in general. Finding time to be crafty every Tuesday hasn't been a priority for such a long time. But, with my new 'intentional' goals, I've decided to try to bring it back on a semi-regular basis.
So, this past Tuesday, we pulled out some cute little flower planters that I found in the Target dollar section. The kids had a blast adding water and soil to the cute little pots, and burying seeds beneath the surface. Rae also loved comparing the different seeds....she recently learned about seeds and the parts of a flower at preschool, so it all kind of worked out perfectly.
I snapped a couple quick videos while we planted, and then I put them together in a little video while feeding Belle that afternoon. It's super sloppy, and the kids fake laughs at the end kill me, but I still think I'll treasure these simple moments as the years pass.
Also, all of the seeds have sprouted and the it's pretty exciting for all of us to watch!

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