Wednesday, March 15, 2017

the candy factory

My theme for this year is based completely around being more INTENTIONAL with my time, thoughts, mothering, marriage, testimony, learning, health...everything.
I want to make sure that life isn't passing me by.
I'm in charge here. 
And I demand that I approve of how I spend each moment of each day.

I intend to do a whole post about this, for my own records, but I gotta say real quick that the last 2.5 months since starting this endeavor have been so wonderful.

One of the biggest perks I've found is that we have done so many more fun activities as a family. Instead of letting the weekend pass by too quickly, leaving us wanting, we've found events to attend, or made up our own fun things to do, and it's been so satisfying. Walks and park trips and ice cream outings have been easy ways to get out of the house and have fun together. But we've also found some cool events in our own little valley that have added a bit of excitement to our days. 

One of our favorites so far was a tour of the local candy factory. First of all, who even knew we had a candy factory close by? Not me. But when I found out, you bet I booked a tour for like 4 hours later. Garrett was off work early that day (thank you, Fridays), so he was able to come too (insert praise-hands emoji here). 

It was literally the "sweetest" little family-owned warehouse, full of chocolates and taffy and all kinds of goodies. The kids' eyes got wider and wider as we walked past each station. We were all enamored with the machines spinning caramel, the peanut brittle hardening on the conveyer, and seeing the bright-colored taffy being whipped right before our eyes. 

Our favorite had to be the marshmallow-pop station, where we watched each mallow get loaded on a stick, then run under a waterfall of white chocolate, and finally get covered in bright rainbow sprinkles. Mr. C himself (the owner) gave Rae and Johnny their own pop, right off the conveyer belt, and it was kind of the coolest ever!!!

True story: Garrett and Johnny ditched the end of the tour and I found them loading up on chocolates, caramel, and taffy in the shop. Which, that was brilliant, because when everyone else finished the tour and went to buy goodies, we had already sauntered out with chocolatey fingers and paper bags full of sweets. We all came home with mild tummy-aches and took a family nap. 

The whole outing took less than 2.5 hours, but we haven't stopped talking about it (or eating the sweets) since.

^and this chick slept though the whole thing^

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