Thursday, May 04, 2017


The other night Garrett and I watched La La Land. I enjoyed it, but I felt like maybe my expectations were a little too high...there was a lot of hype. Regardless, it got me thinking. Ya know, about dreams and stuff. And what the heck we're all doing with our lives.
Anyways, I was laying in bed that night, still thinking about it all, when I rolled over to Garrett's side and asked him, "Babe, what's your dream?"
My intention was to find out if we're on the path to accomplishing it...and also, I wasn't quite sure what it was. I mean, I know his goals and his passions, but it's not like he's always dreamed of opening up his own jazz bar.
I knew he had always wanted to graduate from BYU (check), and be a civil engineer (check). I know he wants to go to Australia (working on that one), and he kinda wants to scuba dive around the world. But like....I wanted to know what his dreeeeeeaaaaaam was.
Now, prepare yourself, because this is cheesy.
And also true.
And also, it spun all my rambunctious thoughts into harmony and the whole world made sense.
(Literally though.)
So I said, "Babe, what's your dream?"
And he paused for maybe 1.5 seconds and said,

And I smiled. And kissed that little cove between his jaw and neck. And rolled back over to go to sleep.
Because, yes.
This is my dream too.
We are doing it.
And I am oh so grateful.

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