Thursday, June 08, 2017

Christmas 2016 [VIDEO]

I've recently realized that holidays are my love language.
But seriously though, they are.
For me, Special Occasions are such a fun and sweet and special way to show my love to those around me.
And Christmas, especially, is filled with just SO much love.
It is my favorite holiday and I'll do anything to ensure that it's packed with as much magic and love as possible.
November 1st is our official kick off to "THE HOLIDAYS" but we try not to put the Christmas tree up until after Thanksgiving. (But the Christmas music starts early-October, for sure)
This year, Garrett bought me THE BEST early Christmas present ever (well...except for the time he bought me a house)
BIG Christmas tree!!!!
9 feet to be exact, and we both laughed every time we saw it, because it dominated our living room.
But seriously, when it comes to Christmas...go big, or go home!
You'll see in the video I made that we couldn't even get the whole tree in the camera frame AND we are WAY short on decorations for it....but I don't even care because I love it so much.
So. With the most perfect Christmas Tree as our backdrop, we made this our most special Christmas ever.
It was just the four (and a half) of us since I could't travel so close to my due date, which was a big bummer for awhile, but ended up being just fine.
And since we didn't have any travel plans or extended family to play with, Garrett and I made an extra effort to do and see and make special/out-of-the ordinary things to ensure that the holidays weren't like any other weekend.
And we did exactly that.
Hopefully I'll do a longer post on allllll the little details I want to remember, but for now, this was our
"Service Day", bringing treats to the firefighters, daily book box, making dozens and dozens AND DOZENS of cookies and delivering them to friends, hot chocolate and egg nog, Christmas lights, decorating the tree (took 2 try's, because grumpy kids), filling Baby Jesus' manger with "service straw", handmade jammas from Mimi, Ariel dolls, stockings with Pop Rock candy, "It's a fooooter (scooter) box!!!!", car/road rugs, magnet tiles, drawing boards, Rae's treasured body books, kid chairs, Princess blankets, Kaela's big belly, Rae asking John, "Do you think it's going to be a helicopter?!" as he opened her gift...and then, "you were right!!!", and SO much quality family time.
My favorite Christmas to date.

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