Saturday, July 01, 2017

Connecticut 2017 [VIDEO]

In case you haven't noticed, I've got a little thing going with family video's lately. Like, I'm SUCH fan.
I'm not like, the best at them...but I don't even care. These little video's are TREASURES to me, and I know that we will love them for years to come.

Of course I had to make a little video of our recent trip to Connecticut to visit Tiffini, John, Colston, and Piper. Garrett called dibs on taking our GoPro on his Grand Canyon rafting trip, so all my video's were taken on phone, which turned out good enough (but I wish I had the GoPro #bestpurchaseever).

Our trip was scattered with so many highlights. It was non-stop fun. We were either out adventuring, or hanging out at Tiffini's enjoying each other's company.

The first few days were sunny, so we spent every spare second at the beach. The beach that is JUST
DOWN THE STREET FROM THEIR HOUSE. Their whole beach town just might be the DREAMIEST town in America. I'm pretty positive my 'happy place' is the beach, and I think it's my kiddo's too. Belle napped in my arms while Rae, Johnny, Piper, and Colston splashed in the water, collected "herma crabs," threw shells and rocks into the ocean, dug tunnels, made sand angels, chased seagulls and built castles. They had the most fun together.

Every night we came home and got everyone cleaned up, put the kiddo's in comfy jammas and then enjoyed our night together. This meant dance parties, trampoline jumping, marshmallow roasting, story reading, cousin sleepovers, etc, etc, etc.

Friday night we let the kids stay up late so we could give Tiffini's new fire-put a proper initiation. It was a perfect maiden voyage for that fire pit, which I'm sure will get SO much good use. The kids crowded around with their sticks and mallows, catching them all on fire but scarfing them down anyways.

Saturday was my dear cousin's baby shower in New Jersey. It was a bit of a drive to get there, but it was worth it. Aunt Nancy's backyard served as the backdrop to so many of my favorite childhood memories. Seeing my own children laugh and play and feel so much LOVE in that same backyard was like, too much for my Mama heart to handle. The kids drew special pictures for Carissa and her sweet baby-to-be, Rae and Tracy bonded over sneaky seconds of ice cream cake, Sean gave Rae one of her biggest highlights of the whole trip when they jumped in the pool with their clothes on (!!!), Aunt Nancy and Aunt Carol of course showered my littles with so much love and smiles and giggles (it's what they do best), and good ol' Uncle Bill chatted and teased and made us all laugh, as usual. It was like such a big full circle moment for me, and it all felt absolutely surreal, in the best way.

Sunday was Father's Day, which we celebrated by throwing a big barbecue with some of Old Greenwich's finest. Most of Tiffini and John's friends are English, and...are all English people cool? Because seriously, they were all awesome. So fun and friendly and hilarious. The kids spent the whole time chasing each other around, playing dress up, and of course, jumping on the one point they started rolling down the backyard hill on someone's longboard. The hill was small, but I'm sure it felt ginormous to them. They did it a hundred times, easy. And they squeezed and laughed every time.

New York City was only 40 minutes away, and we couldn't NOT go. Like, really, we COULDN'T. So on Monday, Belle hung out with Aunt Tiffini, and I took Rae and Johnny into the city. I kinda want write a whole post on this, because it deserves it, so I'll just say it was THE BEST.

We made it back around 4pm, and spent our last night playing in the rain, cuddling, watching shows, and soaking up every second together. Oh man, it always breaks my heart to end these visits with my siblings. Like, ahhh, I just wish we all lived closer! There are few things that bring me more joy than watching my kiddos play with their cousins. It was such a big part of my childhood, and I just crave that for them too, ya know?

Anyways, this trip did not disappoint. It was full of laughter and bonding and good food (of course) and adventure and relaxation and sister catch-up and cousin giggles and alllll kinds of memories in the making. It was a dream. And I'm already itching to go back.

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