Thursday, July 27, 2017

Enzlers in Dallas [with a VIDEO][and a million pics]

I recently posted about visiting the construction site with my Dad while we were in Dallas, which was definitely a major highlight of our vacation, but we were able to do so much fun stuff and I wanted to make sure we remembered it all.

Growing up as the youngest of six, with a 12 year gap between me and my oldest sister, I always thought my kids would be growing up kinda on their own...with lots of big cousins, but not many their own age. Luckily, all my siblings and I seemed to have kids around the same time, which has turned into the biggest treat as we watch them grow up together. There are 16 grandchildren and the oldest is only 8, which makes for SO MUCH FUN! All three of my kids have a cousin that was born within 3 weeks of them. It is THE BEST!
When we had Belle, my parents wanted to come meet her, of course. But, since they live by 2 of my brothers in Texas, we thought we'd go to them so that Belle could meet her grandparents and also a bunch of her aunts and uncles and cousins. At the last minute, Tiffini, Coston, and Piper made the trip too, which made it extra fun!

We spent a little less than a week there and packed every single day with non-stop fun! I'm not kidding, my kids were DEAD when we finally came home.

Day 1 was Pickle Ball with Mom and her gang at the rec center, visiting the construction site with Papa, scooters and hide-and-seek in the backyard, a big family dinner, and then a night-walk down to the tracks to see the Dart train drive by before bed! My kiddo's also got to meet Dylan, Olivia, and Wyatt for the first time. They clicked right away and had a blast together!

Day 2 was an outing to the lake and park with Mimi, then a reunion with the Tyers gang, an EPIC Easter Party at Matt's work, and then dinner and dessert of awesome burgers and pazookie's. The Easter party was a major highlight for my kiddo's....well, all the kiddo's really...all 8 of them! There was face painting, balloon animals/flowers, an Egg hunt, a little petting zoo with the CUTEST animals (prob my kid's fav), the Easter bunny, dinner & treats, and even Mother Goose walking around handing out treats!

We met up early on Day 3 at the Dallas Arboretum....which was so gorgeous and fun. It's a huge botanical garden, with mazes, playgrounds, treehouses, art pieces, ponds, science experiments, waterfalls....I mean, like it was AMAZING! Definitely another highlight of the trip! We took our time walking through. My favorite part was seeing everyone just put so much effort and attention toward the kids. Aunts and Uncles and Cousins and Grandparents were always mixed-and-matched...I was holding Wyatt while Tiffini held Olivia, Papa was in the wind machine with Dylan, Mimi was feeding Belle, Garrett and Colston were learning about water erosion, Matt and Piper were exploring, Brian and Johnny were squirting water guns, and Rae, Dara, and Thip were enjoying the flowers. I kind of have the best family ever. Ever ever ever. After the arboretum we did lunch at the BEST BBQ in the world (like, literally though), and then swimming and dinner at Matt and Dara's. Swimming was another highlight for the kids, as you can see in the video!

Day 4 was Sunday, so we made sure to start our day at Dad just got called as the Bishop of his ward, so it's fun that we got to see it. Then we had an amazing brunch with everyone, and then took the trolley through Dallas. All of us loved this, but it was especially exciting for Johnny. I have a mental picture of him sandwiched between Wyatt, Dylan, and Colston, with their noses to the glass watching the city pass by. They loved it! We found ourselves at a cool little park where the kids climbed and spun and slid and splashed. Then we took the trolley back and headed to Matt and Dara's for more swimming! We also made another trip to the construction site with Papa and Matt before bed!!!

Day 5 was our last day, and we spent it at the coolest little rec center pool, and then playing all afternoon in Mimi & Papa's backyard. That night everyone came over for a big dinner again, where it rained on us, but no one seemed to care. Dylan's birthday was the next day, so we celebrated with homemade ice cream (of course), cupcakes, songs, and extra hugs and kisses. And then we capped off our trip with one of Papa's famous Night Hike's complete with glow sticks, fireflies, Dart trains, and lots of cousin hand-holding. Happiness.

We brought our GoPro on the trip, planning on making a little video, but then I ended up with SO MUCH footage...which is just a testament to all the fun we had. I wanted to remember every bit of it! Luckily, we have three video's and a million pictures....but even if we didn't, I have a feeling this one would stick in our memories anyways.

^Papa is the best at getting the Dart conductor to honk!
my heart! They were instant best friends!
^cutest little family...little Isla was just born this week!
^they played with these tractors at EVERY stop. Best toy, best cousins!
^Pip sobbed at the end of the trip because she didn't want to leave Uncle Matt
^highlight of my trip: cuddling this dude who magically sat still with me for like 30 min!
^I love my brothers!
^Mimi and almost all the cousins on the Trolley (just missing Olivia who was napping)
^favorite picture!

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