Monday, July 31, 2017

Friday @ the Children's Museum [VIDEO]

Friday morning we woke up itching to do something fun / out of the ordinary. We had originally planned to go camping this weekend, but had to postpone that due to boring house/car stuff that we had to get done. So, we found ourselves at the Children's Museum to help make up for it!

I'm feeling an extra push to make sure the kids get to be kids right now. With Garrett in a tough stretch at work, it's not uncommon for him to get home after bedtime 3+ times a week. And the nights he is home, he often has to run out at least once for some kind of bishopric responsibility. He's so good at making sure our needs are met, and even though I'm certain he's exhausted 100% of the time, he's still always happy and engaged. But it still makes it hard on the kids, if only because it's hard on me, and I'm less patient and more at my limit from doing everything by myself (working on that). Anyways, I'm trying to find ways to make sure that they don't feel the strain of a tough work-week. Sometimes that looks like picnic dinners on the living room floor and a movie, sometimes that looks like ice cream dates in the middle of the day to save our sanity, and sometimes (like today) that looks like outings to the Children's Museum.

We really had the best time and I'm hunting through the budget for a way to get a membership there, because it is really the coolest place.

A few observations I had:
- Rae used to be timid and nervous on the jungle-gym on the first she doesn't even hesitate before racing to the tippy tippy top. I'm so relieved that she's becoming more brave and adventurous and confident in her abilities.
-Johnny has always been nervous of heights...ever since I can remember. He started following Rae up the jungle gym, but literally froze on the second step. Having learned a lesson or two watching Rae, I didn't push it, and just let him do what he was comfortable with. He didn't do much climbing, and spent most of his time playing with the firetrucks on the safety of the main floor. But then, as we were leaving, we stopped again at the jungle gym and he decided he wanted to go up to the floating bath tub with wings. And he did it! He was slipping and sliding at one point, but he made it, and he was so proud of himself!
-Rae loved the wind tunnels and scarf stations...this one is kinda scary because you push your hand through this little door that's pretty uncomfortable and all this air is pushing back on your hand...then you have the wiggle the scarf in just right before it'll go. She was a pro at it though, and again I was impressed with her confidence.
-Belle is kinda the best baby ever. She happily obsessed from the stroller or my arms, took two naps when she got tired, and never once cried. Best baby ever.
-Both my kiddo's are in a good sharing phase. I was going to say that they are good sharers, period. But we all know that this whole gig is made up of phases...rollercoasters of good and not-good behaviors. And as soon as I say "they are good sharers" mater-of-factly, well they'll prove me wrong in a day or two. So, while I'm sure it's a temporary high, I was still really impressed with their sharing and patience. There were a lot of kids there, and not enough cars or bikes or shopping carts for everyone, but both Rae and John were really patient as they waited their turn, and then they understood that they couldn't hog it for too long because other kids were waiting. It made me really proud.

Anyways, aside from one big meltdown in the gift shop bc I wouldn't buy a certain someone a certain firetruck, the whole outing was flawless! It would't be abnormal for three kids at a big Children's Museum to be a little daunting...but they made it easy on me! Which mean's I'm already itching to go again.

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