Wednesday, July 19, 2017

SIX months of Belle

Okay, I know everyone says it, but how is my baby already SIX months old?
Literally the fastest 6 months of my entire life.
Also the happiest,
and sweetest,
and most fulfilling,
and BEST 6 months of my entire life.

That Belle is just the dreamiest baby, and I feel lucky every second of every day that she is mine. She is happy 99.9% of the time, and if she is sad, one smile at her will make her break into the biggest grin in between tears. She is cuddly and gentle and girly in every way. Just...dainty. And delightful. She is content to play on her own, but also kicks and squeals with excitement if you even glance her way.

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Although she has been sleeping through the night since she was born, she just started waking up at 6am to play and's been about a week and I'm having a hard time kicking the habit. It's not terrible, because I'm already awake, but I'm a little nervous that she's going to be an early riser...which I'd like to avoid if I can. So we're trying to get back to our 8:30-8:30 schedule.

My other two were on on pretty strict eat-play-sleep schedules, but sadly, Belle doesn't get that luxury. With a million errands to run, and 2 other kid's schedules to navigate, she's become a master car sleeper, church sleeper, swim-team sleeper, and Costco sleeper. She sleeps best in her bassinet, but she can get a decent snooze in my arms or her carseat too.

She's a rolling machine, and doesn't seem to mind tummy time too much anymore. She's pushing up on her arms, and really beginning to inch-worm around. If I set her down to play on her play-mat, she'll be facing this way and that, and here and there, and across the room within 5 minutes. And she'll be babbling and smiling the whole time.

At 15lbs 14oz, she's still my tiniest baby (50th percentile). But she's getting taller, and measured in the 95th percentile in height at her last appointment.

She's gotten frantic a bit 2 or 3 times with strangers in the past month, but mostly she's totally fine going from person to person....not really into the whole 'stranger danger' phase yet. Which is great because she does great at the gym Kids Club while I work out every morning.

All of that said, the biggest thing about Belle is her happy, chill attitude. She is just always happy. Like, always. And she's always up for whatever we have going on. My biggest fear these last 6 months is that I would forget her somewhere, because she's not one to make her presence known. She's just along for the ride, throwing out smiles left and right. The hardest thing about here is grocery shopping with her in the cart, because 9,000 people stop me to smile at her, and I'm like, "I know...she's the best! But I HAVE to speed this feel free to smile and coo at her...just walk with me while you do it!"

I mean, perfect 3rd child.

We adore every piece of our little Belle and feel MOST FORTUNATE to call her ours!

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