Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sunday Gratitude no.3


1. Weekends. Gosh, I live for these two little days of no work for Garrett. We all do. Even when we do chores, we do them together because we just want to be with each other as much as possible. The weeks feel too long, and the weekends too short these days. But Saturday night swims together make time feel like it's on our side for an hour or two, and my heart is so happy.

2. Grandparents that love my kids. This week we got packages from my parents and Garrett's parents. No special occasion, just a little "I love you" reminder. And it brought us all so much joy. We lucked out with the best parents (and grandparents for our kids) ever. 

3. Good friends. The other two families in our 'friend group' are both out of town this week, and my gosh, we miss them. Like, pathetically so. I don't think it's common to have such a good group of friends, ones that you play games with or eat with our find some excuse to be with every single weekend. It was so weird not prepping for game night last, my body is literally conditioned for games every weekend (haha!). Anyways, we love them and feel so lucky to have such a great group of amazing people here in Arizona.

4. Beautiful AZ. It's the end of July, and by some miracle, the weather was like shockingly AMAZING this week. One day, the high was 90 degrees. 90. 90 degrees! In July! It was such a treat and we were allllll SO happy about it!

5. My hard working husband. I keep thinking, "Man, this is just a busy/stressful time for our family." or, "The last 6 months have been kinda crazy for us." But I recently realized that I'm always saying that. Like, it's not just a phase. It's crazy over here all the time. And sometimes that's really hard. And draining. And exhausting. And we have to make so much effort to fulfill our family needs. Ya know? But that Garrett....he's like our own personal superhero. He gives us his all, and he gives work his all, and he gives church his all. And he is happy all. the. time. Always. And always thinking of others. And every second of every day I feel lucky to call him mine. 

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