Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday Gratitude no.1


1. RAE'S SWIM TEAM. If you follow me on instagram, you're well aware of how much swim team has dominated our summer this year. We've loved nearly every second of it. We just finished the season and I am SO sad it's over. It was so much fun watching Rae do SO well in the pool. 

2. JOHNNY'S BIG HUGS. Johnny has been giving extra big, extra squeezy, extra tight hugs lately. And he scrunches up his face like he's using every muscle in his body to squish himself as close as possible to me. He mostly does it after we cuddle before nap/bed time, and I know it's just a stalling tactic, but I still LOOOOOOVE it.

3. DEAR FRIENDS. There are a lot of things I love about Arizona, but at the tippy top of that list right now is our dear friends. We have met some of the kindest, funnest, wisest, coolest, most guanine and generous people here. And I just feel so lucky to have them in my little circle. 

4. THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. AND MODERN DAY REVELATION TOO. Garrett and I have made a goal to step up our daily gospel study. 15 minutes minimum, but 30 minutes ideally. It has radically changed my days. I've had more patience, more peace, more empathy, more motivation, more joy, more inspiration, more confidence. Whether it's inspirational talks from the last General Conference, or a parenting series on the mormon channel, or straight Book of Mormon....I'm so grateful for the light it brings into my days.

5. RAE'S "OF COURSE, MOM" PHASE. I don't know what's up with that chick, but she's started saying, "Of course, mom!" Anytime I ask her to do something. Rae, will you wipe off the table? Of course, Mom! Will you run and grab me a burp cloth? Of course, Mom! Can you please stop whining? Of course, Mom! She's like a straight dose of sunshine, that chick, and I adore her. 


(we're figuring out how to work that self timer on Sunday's while G is at meetings)

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