Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Sunday Gratitude no.2


1. Dresses. Rae has been growing like a weed...she literally grew 2 sizes in 4 months, which was getting to be quite expensive where clothes were concerned. So, I started only buying her dresses. Dresses all day every day. And I LOOOOVE it! Twirly dresses, bright dresses, floral dresses, eyelet dresses...we love them all. And she looks so dang cute in them!

2. Family Video's. I'm on a total family-video kick (as you can tell by the 80 videos I've posted), and I'm having so much fun with it! Putting together little highlight reels of these family trips makes me smile non-stop. And watching them back is so rewarding. I'm certain that we're all going to love them even more as time goes on. 

3. Summer Heat Breaks. Today the high was only 90 degree's....and it's July. Literally a miracle. Literally! I forgot how happy I am when I'm not uncomfortably hot all day long. The heat really does start to wear on your emotions without you realizing it. So today was the sweetest little break. Going forward determined not to let the heat get the best of me or my attitude. Only 2 more months!

4. That Husband of Mine. He is the best. My best friend. My soul mate. My main squeeze. My guy. There is no one in the entire world that I could ever be happier being married to. 100% confident in that. I am the luckiest luckiest luckiest girl. 

5. Prayer & Patience. Every morning I've been making a concentrated effort to pray for patience. It has been such an easy way to make a HUGE difference in my parenting. Patience has never been my strong suit. I remember as a teenager feeling like Heavenly Father was always trying to teach me patience, and resisting it so hard. I thought to myself, "What's so great about being patient? And what's so bad about never learning it?" Well, parenthood depends on patience. So if only for this, I needed all those patience trials. I'm still so bad at patience...it's my biggest hurdle every single day. But simply praying and asking for help has made such a difference. I'm grateful that Heavenly Father is so willing to aid in our efforts as we learn and grow and try our best. 

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