Friday, July 28, 2017

The Last of Dallas [SWIMMING VIDEO]

I have one more video to post from Dallas, and then the trip will be official documented.
On our last day we took the kiddo's to a fun little rec center pool. It had a mushroom fountain, slides, tunnels, and even a lazy river. The kids were in. heaven. Mimi and Papa and Garrett and I jumped in the pool too and it was non stop splashing and swimming and smiling.

I mean, I might be biased, but I think my kiddo's have the best cousins in the whole entire world (on my side of the family, AND Garrett's side). Like, sitting here right now, I could cry and laugh and have my heart burst into a million pieces just thinking about how much I love all those sweet kiddo's. Each of them indivually is special, and sweet, and smart, and strong, and they make the world a better place. Like, what would we do without them? I'm just so in love.

Anyways, here's the swimming video.
One funny thing about going back through all the footage after the trip, is seeing each of the kids and their personalities documented.
Johnny and Dylan were just happy-go-lucky this whole trip. Always willing to smile for the camera, and pretty much thrilled with everything we did. Watching these two play tractors at every stop, or hold hands everywhere we went was such a highlight for me.
Wyatt was a bit in awe of everything we did. He spent his time getting passed from aunt to uncle, walking with the big kids, and smiling at the crazy chaos that often accompanied our group of 17 everywhere we went.
Olivia and Belle, the babies of the group were sweet and happy and along for the ride. They took turns being loved on by everyone in the group.
Pip and Uncle Matt hit it off and could usually be spotted holding hands, exploring together. You'll see a lot of Piper in this swimming video, but less of her in the other video's because she was usually off with Uncle Matt (he was at work when we swam). She literally sobbed at the end of the trip because she didn't want to leave him. My siblings are seriously the best Aunts and Uncles!
Colston, being his smart, inquisitive self, was always willing to smile for the camera real quick, but only if I caught up to him...and then he was off to learn or see the next cool thing. Loooove that boy! And his smile will always make me smile!
Rae Rae is pretty used to my photo/video requests, so she's got the "pause-smile-go" thing down (although, she's not afraid to protest with a super annoyed smile now-and-then). She literally thrives when she's with family....totally in her comfort zone, laughs at everything, and feels and gives so much love without reservation. Being with family is her happy place.

I think the MVP award goes out to Mimi and Papa though. Not only did they host us, feed us, drive us around, and plan an awesome weekend with everyone...but they spent every second loving on all of those lucky grandchildren of theirs. Like, they never turned down a request for a push on the swing, help blowing bubbles, hide-and-seek, a book, or just a good cuddle session. They were on non-stop, and my kids will never forget it. It is such a special thing to see my parent's being grandparents to my kids. It gives me all the happy feels.

Anyways, the trip was awesome. I could go on and on. But I won't.

The last video:

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