Thursday, July 20, 2017


Today I skipped the gym and instead threw the kids in the car and drove to our favorite outdoor mall in Scottsdale. At the last second I grabbed Rae and Johnny's scooters, which ended up being the best decision ever. We strolled and scootered all morning, stopping at a few of my favorite stores, and then sat down for an awesome lunch together.

It was nothing special, and everything special all at the same time. That's how I feel most days, actually. I'm so in love with this simple, special, imperfectly perfect little life I've got going on.

Temps stayed below 100, which, when it's mid-July, that's nothing short of a miracle. On top of that, we ended up finding some crazy deals on stuff that I've been needing forever, so that was clearly another miracle. And then, our total bill for lunch, which was at a fun, hip restaurant and SO good, was less than $15 for all of us #miraclenumber3. I mean, the whole morning was like, meant to be or something.

At lunch, Belle and I sat on one side of the booth, and Rae and Johnny sat across the table from us. But less than 2 minutes after our food arrived, both Rae and John scooted under the table to our side and we all ended up sharing a bench. They were in one of those moods where they're kissy and high-pitched and breaking out in song any time Belle even whimpers. And it was so incredibly heart-burstingly happy that I couldn't help but join right in with all of it...kisses and baby talk and even a song or two.

Anyways, it was just kinda the best morning. And then we got home and fell back into our usual routine and I almost pulled my hair out in frustration 7 times. But that's okay. Because that's real life. And I love that too!

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