Wednesday, August 02, 2017

at the lake with the Lees' [VIDEO]

The best Saturday's are boating Saturdays.

-Rae waterskiing BY HERSELF behind the boat. She wasn't fearless, but she was full of bravery, and we were all so proud of her!
-Johnny and Belle napping on me simultaneously.
-Wake boarding myself, and realizing that I'm SO much worse than I used to be.
-Seeing all the boys jump that wake!
-That AZ sun, a nice breeze, and the cool Lake Pleasant water. Happiness with a bow.
-Rae surfing with Garrett! Again, so brave!
-PANAMA at the end of our outing (jumping off the boat while it's moving!)
-Jumping in the water in between boarders.
-Yummy food/snacks/drinks!
-Lots of laughs with our best friends.
-Thomas and Johnny being the cutest little buddies!
-Belle's first time on the boat!! And in the lake! Cutest little baby. She looked so uncomfortable in that big lifejacket, but she cried like once the whole day. And napped like 3 times.

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