Thursday, August 03, 2017

Belle's Baby Blessing

Few moments bring me closer to God than when I'm holding my new baby, who's dressed all in white and waiting for a special blessing from their Dad. I've had the same feeling with all three of my babies...completely overwhelmed with love, gratitude, perspective, and a small glimpse into the potential of these beautiful souls who I have the privilege of mothering. It is a feeling I will always remember and treasure.

We blessed Belle in Idaho on Mother's Day this year, which really just made a super special occasion even more special. I loved it.

It was the same day as Nathan's homecoming, which also added to to the occasion.

We blessed her at Garrett's parent's home, surrounded by so many people who love her.

I got myself all ready, and then helped Johnny and Rae get ready. And then, I set my attention on my littlest babe. I bathed her first, and she splashed and kicked in the water with two of her favorite cousins, Poppy and Penny. Then I wrapped her up, dried her off, and smothered her with kisses. She giggled and kicked and smiled, just like she always does.

I gently put on the most beautiful white, lacy dress, and had flashbacks to 2 years ago when I stumbled upon it in the mall. Johnny was just a tiny baby, but I just KNEW that my next baby would be a girl. And this was a very expensive dress on sale for a not-expensive price. So I snatched it up. A year or so later, when I found out I was pregnant, I pulled the dress out and admired it. I couldn't help but smile. A few weeks later, when I officially found out I was having a girl, I pulled the dress out again and ran my fingers over the lace and up and down the ruffles. I couldn't wait to put my sweet little baby in it. And now, here I was, pulling her tiny fingers through the arm-loops, and buttoning the dainty pearl buttons up her back.

I slipped the sweetest slippers, made by Mimi, over her feet, and wrapped her tight in the most lovely pink blanket, again, made my Mimi.

Lastly, I laid a dainty flower headband over her forehead, and tied it gently behind her ears.

Somehow, the most beautiful baby in the world became even more beautiful.

I could hear everyone out in the living room, mingling and laughing. And I stood up to join them, anxious to show Belle off. But then I hesitated, and sat back down on the bed, and just soaked up a few more seconds of my precious babe.

When we finally ventured out, Rae, Tayler, Ryenn and Madden all gasped and oohed and awed at how beautiful she looked. They reached up and touched the lace, and then made silly faces to make Belle smile. Everyone took turns giving her a little love before we officially started.

I handed Belle over to Garrett and watched as some of the most noble men stood up and took their place in a circle around her. Her Dad, of course, stood at the front, and then her Uncle Kyle, Grandpa, Uncle Nathan, Uncle James, Pop, and our dear friend Kyle, found their place.

Garrett performed a simple and sweet blessing, full of love and hope, and the spirit was strong.
He talked about Rae and Johnny, and the special role they will play in Belle's life...and she in theirs.
He talked about me, and how lucky Belle and I are to have each other.
He talked about the temple, and Belle's future family, which filled my heart with so much joy.
He had a hard time hiding his emotions as he mentioned my Mom, who gave Belle her middle name...and also so so so much more. He mentioned her diligence and faith, and blessed Belle that she would inherit both of those treasured traits.
He mentioned how loved Belle was, not only by those in the room and the rest of her family, but by her Heavenly Father, who had a special plan for Belle, and would guide her always.
He talked about the beauty Belle would bring into the world, and I smiled, because I knew she was already fulfilling that mission beautifully.

Afterwards, we took some pictures, ate some yummy food, and took turns loving on that sweet girl again and again. At one point, she fell asleep on my chest, still dressed in her blessing gown. I savored that sweet nap, and kissed her head a million times, wishing and praying that I would always be the mom that she deserved.

It was the most beautiful day.

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